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Lumps Interview

Lumps is an illustrator and designer from Cardiff, Wales. Lumps' illustrations often feature elements from the weird to the grotesque, the sublime to the ridiculous; the twisted vision of Lumps provides a contemporary take on the form. Buy exclusive wall art by Lumps on Nine By Nine.

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Katy Christianson Interview

Katy Christianson is a freelance illustrator, printmaker and stationery designer living and working in South-East London. Katy draws with a lot of detail, is obsessed with screen printing, and inspired by nature, strange and abstract marks and patterns, etching and lithography. Buy exclusive wall art by Katy on Nine By Nine.

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Alex Rake Interview

Alex Rake is a freelance illustrator recently graduated from Falmouth University, and a printmaker with a passion for bold, fresh, exciting pieces. Lino fell into his lap almost by accident, and yet it’s stuck with him and become his conceptual anchor. Buy exclusive wall art by Alex on Nine By Nine.

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