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Is there anything better than having a nosy around other people’s homes? We follow so many interior accounts on Instagram and love getting our daily dose of inspo but sometimes we’d just love to know how they got so good at choosing colours, where they got that wallpaper from or who inspires them! So we’ve decided to ask all of those questions and find out a little more about some of our favourite Insta influencers in this brand new blog series ‘At Home With…’

Grab a cuppa and get ready to go green with envy, because our first interview is with Emma White, founder of Apogee Interiors, who’s home we came across online last year and simply can’t get enough of!


Hi Emma! Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?
My name is Emma White and I am currently studying Interior Design full time at university, in a bid to change my career.

Where do you live
I live in Essex in a 3 bed, 1970’s semi-detached house.

How would you describe your interior style?
A complete mix! But I do tend to stick to earth tone colours and have created my own style mixing together Scandi/Mid-Century Modern/Industrial elements.


What’s your favourite space in the house and why?
It changes all the time. At the moment it’s probably our bedroom. When designing a bedroom, I want it to feel like a sanctuary keeping the walls white and using a mix of textures. It’s my favourite space to escape to after a busy day.

What is your top tip for decorating your home?
Plan! I find creating mood boards either by hand or on the computer a great way to give a sense how your room will feel. It can help stop impulse buying and give you a much more considered room.

When designing a room, what elements do you start with first?
I always look to how I’m going to use the space. For example, our living room is where most people who visit will reside in. So the space has brighter colours, a drinks trolly and key hero pieces to make the room stand out.


What are your top 3 places to shop online for affordable home decor?
H&M Home, French Connection & Urban Outfitters.

If you had to swap homes with someone you follow on Instagram, who would it be?
There are so many GORGEOUS homes I love on Instagram. But one which always stands out is Kate Watson-Symth’s home from @mad_about_the_house. Her style and colours make up my dream home.

How do you choose art prints for your home and what advice would you give to someone who didn’t know where to start?
If you love it, buy it! Rather than picking art which either goes with your colour scheme or style of a room, buy art that you love and will love for years to come. If you hang it in a room, it will go because you love it.

Favourite Nine By Nine print?
Body Positivity Vibes by Sara Maese. The perfect print for our bedroom.


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