An interview with Lettering Daily


What is Lettering Daily? Lettering Daily is an online hand lettering and calligraphy community. We provide educational and inspirational content as well as hand lettering and calligraphy supplies with free worldwide shipping.

Our mission is to help hand lettering and calligraphy enthusiasts to learn and improve their skills, and this is one of the reasons we have been heavily focused on creating educational content.

We love collaborating with creatives so we started to invite talented artists to share their unique skills with our community. The response from our audience has been great so far and we're really excited about the upcoming months, we're preparing for some really exciting new projects!

Why was Lettering Daily founded? The idea of Lettering Daily is to revolutionise the learning of this beautiful form of art. In other words we want to create a platform where artists will be able to find resources for everything they need in order to learn, improve, network and grow!

What are your top three sites for lettering inspiration? In our opinion the best three platforms for lettering inspiration are Instagram, Behance and Pinterest. However, we are mostly focused on Instagram since its one of the most interactive and engaging platforms for lettering and calligraphy artists.

What would you say are the essential tools for hand lettering beginners? This was actually one of our first published articles! We definitely recommend you to read it here! We explore some of the essential hand lettering tools.

Tools are so varied. Some of our network will create a masterpeice with just a pencil and others will be all about the colour, using all sorts of digital tools.

We definitely recommend trying as many tools as you can, getting to know different techniques and not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

How have advances in technology changed the hand lettering scene? Tools and gadgets for lettering and calligraphy come and go, but there is something that made a huge impact on the scene and could definitely be considered a game changer. We are talking of course about... the iPad Pro!

A small yet very powerful tablet combined with a pressure sensitive stylus (apple pen) along with one of the most sophisticated sketching apps ever created (Procreate) it's definitely an amazing investment for lettering lovers, and of course those who can afford it (worth every penny btw).

Who is smashing it in the world of hand lettering at the moment? We probably couldn't fit in all the names that we would like to list! It's safe to say that the lettering scene is more alive than ever! There are a lot of really great artists posting insane artwork on a daily basis!

But, if we really had to mention a name, it would definitely be SebLester. His work is simply incredible, and he's definitely someone who all lettering and calligraphy artists can look up to.

Any tips for making hand lettering into a career? The internet has made it so much easier for anyone to start monetising their lettering. From custom lettering (logotypes, t-shirt designs, custom lettering etc.) to selling digital products such as prints, fonts, merchandise using POD (print on demand) websites, anything is possible.

However, that doesn't mean it's easy. It does take serious determination and hard work to get to make lettering your full time job.

We're currently working on a crash course which will be teaching people how to monetise their artwork, so stay tuned.

How can fans keep up-to-date with Lettering Daily. They can visit our website Lettering Daily and Instagram


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