Hannah Clark Interview


Hannah is a freelance illustrator based in Oxfordshire. With a degree in illustration and a love for watercolours, Hannah paints her (and everyone else's) favourite things: specialising in food, drink and nature.

Tell us a fun fact about you I used to be a life model!

How did you get into illustration? I have painted since I was young, and with the encouragement from my fabulous art teacher, Mr Ashdown, at school, I decided the art career was the only way forward! I did a degree in Illustration and have worked very hard over the years to do what I love.

Who or what inspires you the most? As above, my school art teacher, but also the countryside, packaging and delicious food.

What does a typical day look like for you? The freelance illustration is now a part-time job alongside my full-time job as a product designer and developer! But there's lots of scope for the two to merge.

What do you do when you have a creative block? Go out and be inspired by the everyday; not just to a museum or gallery. And sketch yourself out of a funk!


Top three clients you've worked with? Jamie Magazine, Slimming World Magazine and The Gannet were great.

What tools (digital or not!) do you use to create your work? A wide variety of sable paintbrushes, tube watercolours, 3 different ceramic palettes, heavyweight artist quality paper, ox gall and gum arabic in my painting water, a 2B Faber Castell pencil and a lightweight drawing board. Sometimes a bit of salt!

What's your favourite resource for inspiration? Instagram, Pinterest, other artists, my library-sized collection of books and the great outdoors.

Do you have any tips for artists thinking of doing freelance? Always get a p/t time job alongside it! It will give you contacts, social skills and many other items of knowledge that you don't get when shut away by yourself.

What would your dream project be? A series of book covers or food packaging.

How can fans keep up-to-date with your work? Instagram


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