Katie Vernon Interview


Katie Vernon is an illustrator who lives surrounded by the mountains in Flagstaff, Arizona. Her inspiration comes from being a florist, working with alpacas, and living on a bus. She can be found hiking, biking, or sipping seltzer water in her studio.

Tell us a fun fact about you I went to the junior Olympics for fencing.

How did you get into illustration? I studied it in college and then had lots of random jobs until I decided working for myself and creating art was what I wanted to do.


Who or what inspires you the most? Taking my old dog for her daily walks.

What does a typical day look like for you? Coffee, breakfast, get daughter to school, walk dog, personal work, emails/Etsy orders, client work, get out of the house, pick up daughter, dinner with family and chill.

What do you do when you have a creative block? Go thrifting or take a walk.


Top three clients you've worked with? Anthropologie, IKEA and Roger La Borde.

What tools (digital or not!) do you use to create your work? acrylic ink, coloured pencil, watercolour, photoshop and iPad pro.

What's your favourite resource for inspiration? Old nature books.


Do you have any tips for artists thinking of doing freelance? Create and show the work you want to get, not what you think people want to see.

What would your dream project be? Airport mural.

How can fans keep up-to-date with your work? Instagram


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