Britt DeMaris Leiendecker Interview


Britt DeMaris Leiendecker is a freelance artist living in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has a background in watercolour painting and illustration, but her current medium of choice is digital painting on her iPad Pro. Her illustrations are a reflection of her love of nature, retro design, and bright fun colour palettes. Other interests include good beer, Japanese cuisine, trying to keep houseplants alive, and spending time with her family of four.

Tell us a fun fact about you I don't really have a sweet tooth, but could eat potato chips all day.

How did you get into illustration? My dad was an amazing artist, and he has always been one of my biggest inspirations. He sadly passed away when I was younger, so part of it feels like my duty to keep the legacy going. I have a degree in fine art, and getting into a Society of Illustrators competition when I was a student was confirmation I was going down the right path.


Who or what inspires you the most? There are so many talented artists that I look up to, but my earliest art crush was Audrey Kawasaki and her beautiful girls. Pure magic. We are also the same age, so her success was always a reminder to keep trying - anything is possible!

What does a typical day look like for you? I have two young boys, so an average day is getting my oldest off to school, working on art feverishly while the youngest naps, and trying to maintain our household. My nights are spent painting on the iPad while watching Netflix or listening to NPR. Working on an iPad has many advantages, especially for a busy mum and dad artists like myself! It's so easy to jump right back in without much fuss.

What do you do when you have a creative block? Take a break, and try to not overthink it. Go for a walk and get out into nature. If you have to force it, there's a high chance it will be crap. On the other hand, that's not to be confused with working under pressure. Sometimes the best pieces come from a tight deadline!


Top three clients you've worked with? I had a lot of fun collaborating with the hemp-based brand Recreator, and I did several designs for them that were printed onto t-shirts and other apparel. I have some greeting card projects in the works too right now which I am pretty excited about! Top secret for now, of course. I'm pretty stoked to be a featured artist here as well! I have just recently begun the journey into freelancing and art licensing, and I'm excited where it will take me.

What tools (digital or not!) do you use to create your work? My favourite mediums traditionally are acrylic-based gouache and watercolour, but I've fallen in love with digital painting on my iPad with the Apple Pencil. I use the Procreate app which is amazing and has truly changed how I make art.

What's your favourite resource for inspiration? Nature and all the flora and fauna of this world. I'm also inspired by vintage and retro design - I could get lost in Pinterest for hours looking at old wallpaper and fabric!


Do you have any tips for artists thinking of doing freelance? You have to put yourself out there. Know what you are getting into and do the hard work and research, and don't be scared to ask other artists for their advice! Most of the time they are happy to share their experiences with you. Lastly, be prepared to give up your free time.

What would your dream project be? Doing a large mural in an urban setting would be amazing! I also would love to get into surface design and see my work on lots of different types of household products. Sign me up!

How can fans keep up-to-date with your work? Instagram


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