Andrea Jimenez Interview


Andrea Jimenez is born and bred in Venezuela, trying to keep a sense of reality with everything going on. Andrea was in love with art long before becoming a graphic design student, now she's looking to make it a permanent part of her life. Art is her life. Lover of birds by day, drinker of beer by night.

Tell us a fun fact about you I have a third nipple that didn't grow properly!

How did you get into illustration? I started doing art as a fangirl, just to get noticed by my "idols" back then... That's how I discovered and fell in love with this.


Who or what inspires you the most? I would say learning. I love learning more and more about what I do and there's always something new to learn.

What does a typical day look like for you? Cup of coffee, drawing letters and freelancing by day. By night it's usually friends and UNO cards.

What do you do when you have a creative block? I look for new music on YouTube, I like indie, relaxing songs.


Top three clients you've worked with? Cheekys, EverAfter Events and Janel Mirendah.

What tools (digital or not!) do you use to create your work? Well, a pencil, white sheet of paper and creativity! Then a scanner and Adobe Illustrator.

What's your favourite resource for inspiration? Music.


Do you have any tips for artists thinking of doing freelance? Patience and consistency.

What would your dream project be? Starting a lettering and typography college.

How can fans keep up-to-date with your work? Instagram


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